Hadron-collider event shapes
by Andrea Banfi, Gavin P. Salam and Giulia Zanderighi, arXiv:1001.4082
expNLO v. NLONLL   NLONLL + Alpgen  
NLONLL + 3 showers (partons/noUE)  
Alpgen: 2 PDFs   Alpgen + 3 showers  
New Pythia showers   3 levels   4 tunes  
  2 ymax: NLONLL   MC partons   hadrons+UE  
 Tevatron: pt > 50GeV   pt > 200GeV  
 LHC(14): pt > 200GeV   pt > 1TeV  
τ⊥,g   τ⊥,E   Tmin,g   Tmin,R  
ρT,E   ρH,E   y3,g   y3,E  
BT,E   BW,E   BT,R   BW,R  
Fg   Sg   All observables  

More info about event shape definitions and NLL resummation at qcd-caesar.org.

NLO calculations performed with NLOJet++.

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